BUSINESSES: How we use interval data analysis to design solar and battery systems

BUSINESSES: How we use interval data analysis to design solar and battery systems

Business owners are always exploring ways to reduce costs, and examining energy consumption provides significant potential. Crafting a solar solution that meets the specific needs of a business involves analysing their energy bills and interval data. This not only provides a more accurate quote but allows us to design a customised solar solution. In this blog, we’ll explore how this data-driven approach can pave the way for substantial savings and boost property value. 

What is interval data analysis? 

This involves looking closely at energy usage patterns throughout the day, breaking them down into 15-minute intervals for a detailed understanding. By identifying peak times and energy demands, solar systems can be custom-designed to perform optimally during busy hours. This includes planning for a solar capacity to cover peak demand while offsetting general usage. 


How we analyse and use this data:

At AR Energy, we take the guesswork out of solar pricing for businesses with our detailed approach. We look at a whole day's worth of energy data and break it down into 15-minute intervals. From this, we can identify a business's peak usage times. We make sure the system is robust to cover busy periods and offset regular energy use. To fine-tune our recommendations, we also check historical solar data for the area, going back 100 years using reliable sources like BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) historical weather data. This careful analysis lets us create a custom solar system that perfectly matches a business's unique needs. Unlike homes, businesses operate on a larger scale with more variability, making our detailed approach crucial for efficiency and sustainability.

Benefits for Businesses:

Implementing a tailored commercial solar system brings notable advantages, including significant cost reduction leading to reduced energy bills. Furthermore, a well-designed solar setup not only promotes sustainability but also enhances property value, making the investment financially appealing. With a swift return on investment (ROI), typically within 2-3 years, your business can enjoy immediate and lasting financial gains.

In the world of commercial solar solutions, interval data analysis is a game-changer in tailoring solar solutions to meet specific needs, providing accurate and customised quotes. This data-driven strategy not only ensures immediate financial gains but also contributes to a more sustainable future, making it a valuable investment.

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