Commercial Case Study: Thebarton, SA

Commercial Case Study: Thebarton, SA

Solar System Size: 100kW 

Estimated time to ROI: 2.2 years 

Estimated annual savings (post system repayment): $35,000-$40,000 

We recently completed a solar installation for a commercial customer in Thebarton, South Australia. This customer approached us with just one goal, reduce their massive power bill as much as possible. Now, after a month of operating with their new system, the customer is very happy with the savings that we’ve achieved. 

Our Process 

Our first step was to conduct a review of current consumption using interval analysis. We could see that almost all energy consumption for this business was during the day, on weekdays. This represented a significant opportunity for solar to meet their energy needs, and also allow for some export to the grid on weekends. 

Using this data, in combination with local historical weather data, we recommended a 100kW solar system designed to meet their needs and maximise export opportunities. 

We also assisted the client in procuring finance. 

The Result 

Before installing solar, this client was purchasing around 280 kWh per day. After a month of operation, we can see that they are now purchasing between 60 and 90 kWh per day, a major reduction. 

This client is now saving around $2,700 per month in energy costs, as well as exporting on weekends, which continues to offset their costs. 

As a further benefit, the previous power bills were around $3000 per month, and the monthly repayments on the financed solar system are around $2000, offering a cash flow benefit as well.


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